Under 7 Wonder 7 (Pre-primary to 3rd )

According to our ancient scriptures and the modern surveys, it has been observed that a child learns most by the age of seven. So, if we take special care of the initial seven years of a child, we can bring wonders in their learning process.

We have adopted a new method to educate the kids of our school, which is the first of its kind in Gandhinagar. This method is known as Under7 Wonder7. This is a new approach to nurture the finest years of a child's life

Engaging :
“Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

Engaging them in different kinds of activities to help them learn faster.

Experimenting : Showing them small experiments to meet their curiosity.

Enquiring : Each child is viewed as infinitely capable, creative and intelligent. It is the job of a teacher to support these qualities and to challenge their minds in appropriate ways.

Example : A teacher's purpose is not to create students in his own image but to develop students who can create their own image.

Examples are given to kids through story telling.

Experiencing : “Learning while playing and by doing” is our primary vision for our tiny-tots. Our teachers make them do various activities and small projects to give them a practical experience.

Evaluating : Evaluation is done through both formal and informal ways.

Anchoring : We acknowledge and appreciate every little effort made by children Play and learn method

Primary & Secondary Section

These years are recognized as a period of rapid development and transition. It is a stage where the students start recognising their true self thus channelizing and moulding their vast storehouse of energy. The curriculum widens to include subjects like History, Geography, Sciences, languages and Mathematics.Yoga, Art, Music and sports also form an integral part of the school programme. Morning assemblies and house competitions help students to shed their inhibitions and be more forthcoming in expressing their thoughts and opinions on social happenings and events. Students are evaluated on the basis of written assignments such as project work, unit tests and term examinations. Regular classroom observations are also conducted by the teachers to facilitate overall growth of the children. Methods used to provide holistic learning include

  • Field trips
  • Laboratory works
  • Research projects
  • Audio visual media
  • Library activities
  • Power Point presentations
  • School Interface
    • Smart board Facility
    • Learning by doing
    • Practical approach
    • Project work
    • Conceptual' Learning
    • Activity based Learning
    • Life Skills
    • Knowledge enhancement
    • Real life experiences
    • Project based learning

Life Skill Education

Along with the core curriculum, students are offered optional subjects which are focused on enhancing students' life skills. Based on the student's aptitude, teachers guide and support the student in making the best choice keeping in mind their interest and future aspirations.

  • Learning by doing
  • Practical approach
  • Field trips

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